Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A) experience with TD Business Transaction Advisors

We offer the expertise, experience and middle market knowledge to deliver a successful outcome in an ever-changing business landscape. We advise on strategic approach, transaction structure, tax implications and planning, financing and accurate valuation. We assist you through the entire process from negotiating offers through closing of the transaction. Our experienced Mergers and Acquisition (M & A) Team is focused on supporting the entire sale or acquisition of privately held companies in the lower middle market.

Merger and Acquisition Team maintains contact with all types of buyers from Strategic or Corporate Buyers to Private Equity Funds, Family Funds and Personal Wealth Investors. We are focused on maintaining confidentiality with these buyers without disclosing your company’s identity throughout the marketing process.

Although many Corporate and Private Equity Groups are primarily interested in purchasing 100% of companies, some also make recapitalization investments where the present owner sells only a portion of their company but remains within the management of the company with an agreed future retirement date. This allows you to cash out of your business now and sell the balance of your ownership upon your retirement. TD Business Transaction Advisors has the know how to successfully negotiate your transaction as your advocate.

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